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I wish to become an Impact100 member! Members can join at any time. The deadline for membership payment and charitable donation allowing voting for next year’s grants is December 31st.  Those joining between January 1st and the June Awards Celebration may participate in all Impact100 events, but will have voting rights for the following year.

Renewing Members:  If your information has not changed this year, please print your name and email address and write “same” on the mailing line.  Otherwise, provide updates as needed. 

Please Note:  Membership information is used solely for the purposes of Impact100. If you do not wish to have your name or image used please send an email to:


Membership/Donation Options

For your 2018 Membership fee ($50 for renewing or $150 for new members), you may pay at an upcoming membership meeting or please send your check payable to “Impact100 Metro Denver”.  Please send your membership fee to: Impact100 Metro Denver, PO Box 6416, Denver, CO 80206.


There are multiple options to make your 2018 Impact100 Metro Denver donation of $1000 by Dec 31, 2018. Please indicate which option you prefer.

Impact100 Metro Denver Payment Elections 

Your $1,000 donation will be invested in the Impact100 Fund at The Denver Foundation for annual grant making and is 100% tax deductible. The 2018 membership fee ($50 for renewing members, $150 for new members), requires a separate check payable to 'Impact100 Metro Denver' and is not tax deductible.

Optional Sign Up: Please contact me about helping with one or more of the Committees:
I grant permission to Impact100 Metro Denver and The Denver Foundation to use my name and email on: electronic and printed donor lists, the Impact100 website and other Impact100 Metro Denver publications. I agree that my email will be used as the primary means of communication by Impact100 and the Denver Foundation.
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Board of Directors, or email us at

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