Board of Directors

The Impact100 Metro Denver Board of Directors includes two Co-Founders, a Treasurer and up to 10 at-large members. The governing board of Impact100 Metro Denver is responsible for overseeing the mission and purpose of the organization. Its duties include participation in strategic planning and making policy decisions, securing the financing for them and monitoring their execution.

  • Govern fiscal and legal responsibilities
  • Serve as an ambassador for the organization
  • Attend and contribute to board meetings
  • Board members must be active, dues-paying members with no lapse in Membership for the active year

Membership Committee

This committee is responsible for growing the membership by formulating strategies for member recruitment and member retention.  The committee members will focus on engaging the membership in social and volunteer activities and on creating community among all members.  The committee is most active from June-December.

  • Goal:  200 members by December 31, 2018, with an emphasis on diversity
  • Create and maintain a master member database
  • Work with Events and Communications to plan and publicize member events
  • Develop and administer a membership survey
  • Develop an on-boarding process for new members


Communications Committee

This committee conveys information to the Impact100 membership and builds awareness for the organization in the community.  This is achieved through quarterly e-newsletters, press releases, timely website updates, event photography and social media.  The committee is active throughout the year.  It is desirable to have members with website, PR and social media experience.  

  • Responsible for both internal and external communications
  • Responsible for frequent and timely updates to the website, including photos and member information
  • Develop strategies for regular communications:  newsletters, social media, press releases, other channels (TV, CPR interview, etc)
  • Coordinate with The Denver Foundation to promote cross-marketing
  • Create a media campaign with our grantees

Event Planning Committee

This committee is responsible for all the logistics for Impact100 events.  The committee members provide pre- and post-event support, including site recommendations, vendor selection, budget support, meeting materials, invitations, and signage.  The committee is most active preceding each event in the early fall, late winter and early summer.  

  • Goal:  Schedule, plan and coordinate the details for four member events in 2017
  • Develop recommendations for venues
  • Responsible for all event materials, including invitations, signage, name tags, RSVPs, food and beverage and other logistics

Education Committee

This committee is responsible for educating the membership and the community on Impact100’s mission and process.  The committee members will investigate in depth the needs of the areas of focus for the year.  This committee is most active following the membership meeting in the fall and throughout the winter.

  • Coordinate with The Denver Foundation to identify the non-profit organizations active in our defined areas of focus
  • Work with The Denver Foundation to plan and execute meetings to educate the membership on the needs and challenges of the service areas
  • Work with the Communications Committee to develop strategies for membership education
  • Work with the Grant committee to educate the membership on the process to reach the final award winner

Grant Review Committee

This committee is responsible for managing the process from RFP through award in June.  The committee members will be involved with creating the RFP, evaluating the proposals, participating in site visits, and selecting the finalists to be presented at the Annual Luncheon in June.  This committee is most active in the winter and spring months.

  • Develop a timeline of activities and dates for internal and external communication
  • Create and distribute an RFP in conjunction with The Denver Foundation
  • Evaluate proposals, including but not limited to financial review, site visits, organizational viability
  • Prepare the slate of finalists for the annual award

Infrastructure Committee

This committee is responsible for ensuring smooth and efficient processes throughout the organization.

  • Goal:  Develop a comprehensive infrastructure to ensure that all stakeholders (members, TDF, community) clearly understand our expectations, processes and outcomes; and to ensure that we are in compliance with all legal requirements.
  • Responsible with the Treasurer for financial oversight, banking issues, organizational definition
  • Responsible for the recruitment and management of our Sponsors
  • Ex officio members of all committees; co-chairs the Steering Committee

Impact100 Metro Denver received its 501c3 designation in March 2018. More information is available here.

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