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Impact100 Metro Denver is a women’s collective giving circle.  We are part of a national community of other Impact100 organizations and other giving circles across the U.S., Australia and United Kingdom. It’s a simple concept that has an extraordinary impact!


  • Annually, when a member joins, she makes a pledge to give a tax-deductible donation of $1,000.
  • The members pool their contributions, review proposals and vote on which nonprofit organizations will be the recipients of the year’s Impact100 Metro Denver grants.
  • Every cent of each member’s donation to the grant award pool goes to our grant recipients and is guaranteed to stay with the Metro Denver community.
  • Impact100 Metro Denver is managed by volunteers has a modest operating budget that is funded through an annual membership fee ($150 for new members;  $75 for renewing members).
  • Impact100 Metro Denver is a 501c3 organization.


  1. Are my grant award pool and membership fee contributions tax deductible?

    Yes. You will receive a tax receipt from Impact100 Metro Denver for your records.

  2. Do I have to pay everything upfront, or may I pay over time?

    You do not have to make all payments right away. Often, members pay their annual membership fee and then arrange a monthly or quarterly payment to meet the milestone of their $1,000 pledge by December 31 each year.

  3. From the JOIN US section of the website, you may submit your membership form and pay online. Or you may download the form, complete it and send it to:
    Impact100 Metro Denver; P.O.Box 6416; Denver, CO 80206

  4. What is the duration of my membership in Impact100 Metro Denver?

    Members are encouraged to maintain their membership each year so we have a sustainable program. We do acknowledge that members will have some years that are more active than other years. Each $1,000 donation (and additional membership fee) provides membership for that year’s grant making cycle.)

  5. Can I participate without making the membership donation?

    Absolutely! You can be a supporter, friend or sponsor of Impact100 Metro Denver. And, as a reminder, if you are with a company that makes contributions to match your philanthropic gifts, please consider including Impact100 Metro Denver when you request the match.



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