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Transformational Change:

That which will create sustained and significant improvement in an organization's ability to serve its mission and constituents


Each year, we focus on several areas in which we feel our community could improve. These areas are determined by a member meeting and vote. Grantees for the 2020 gifts will fall into one of these three focus areas:


1. Economic Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency

The ability to independently succeed in life is squarely rooted in economic opportunity. Barriers such as systemic oppression and racism, intergenerational cycles of poverty, inequitable educational opportunity, and disabilities prevent individuals and families from experiencing economic independence.

Programs that address economic opportunity and self-sufficiency focus on economic independence, self-sufficiency in housing, training, post-secondary education, or life skills. Examples include programs that lay a path for career development, advancement, and provide opportunities for increased earning capacity. Also included are programs that address and nurture the family unit as a whole.. In the case of elderly or disabled residents, programs work to improve living conditions or enable residents to age-in-place.


2. Environmental Conservation

Conserving our natural resources is fundamental to our quality of life. A strong environment supports vibrant communities now and in the future.

Examples of programming that promotes environmental conservation include those that address consequences to health and economics stability; public awareness and education regarding environmental conditions; protection and preservation of natural areas and resources; and the expansion of, or access to, outdoor recreation.


3. Health and Wellness

Improving our community’s overall health advances individual and community prosperity. We all benefit when everyone has the opportunity to both access healthcare, and can live where conditions promote health and well-being.

Examples of programming that strives to improve health and wellness include those that address access to physical, mental, or behavioral health services; preventative care, wellness or education services; risk awareness and social determinants education and support; equity in health care; endeavors focused on overall wellness; and physical education.

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