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Congratulations to This Year's Award Recipients!

Here they are - the Impact100 Metro Denver 2019 Grantees! We couldn't be more excited about the work from these three organizations. Read on to learn about the wonderful work they do! 

Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center

Impact100 Metro Denver’s $100,000 grant winner, Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center plans to use the grant to expand their Young Adult Legal Advocacy program through the creation of four mobile legal clinics over a one year period. Each clinic will serve upwards of 25 individuals who need help resolving legal issues related to their homelessness, enabling them to find housing and jobs.

Bridge House

Our $52,200 grant winner, Bridge House supports homeless individuals through a program called Ready to Work. This program helps individuals who are experiencing homelessness, build their resume, and confidently seek employment outside of the program. Bridge House offers job training, paid employment, and housing through their two social enterprises. Grant plans included a graduate service network launch that would provide continuing education activities, life skills training, social outings, and on-going support to program graduates in order to increase their programs 90% success rate in years two and three.  

The Blue Bench

The $38,000 grant winner, The Blue Bench provides sexual assault prevention and care throughout the state of Colorado and Metro Denver. Their plan outlined an approach to reach and engage more students with their sexual assault prevention and education program, with the goal of educating young people about sexual assult, how to prevent it, and if it does happen, how to minimize the effects of this type of trauma.

Impact100 Metro Denver is proud to be able to support our community through grant making. Our members make all the difference through the donation of their time, money, creativity, and voice to make our organization thrive.

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