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RMCP Update

RMCP will begin the renovations this week. This last week they moved into temporary office space to complete their transformation plan as quickly as possible. The design plan include new paint, carpets, baseboards, accent walls, light ‘reflection’ shades, multi-purpose furniture throughout the call center and within a flex working/conference lounge space, break room furniture and flooring, among smaller décor features. The original quote for the changes totals approximately $70,000; however we were able to get approximately $25,000 worth of lease improvements covered by the building management group, which has allowed us to increase the value of Impact100 Metro Denver's award to achieve our initial award goals and more. RMCP will also be investing some of its own resources to ensure a smooth renovation and ‘move out’ our staff for 1 to 2 weeks time. This is outside the costs and parameters of the award goals, however is a necessary part of the process to ensure its success without interruption of RMCP’s services.

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