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April 9th "Setting the Stage" Education Event at Curious Theatre

The Curious Theatre on Acoma brought together a curious crowd to hear three of Denvers dedicated community leaders speak on their areas of expertise. Nearly 80 members and guests of Impact100 were given insight to underserved and pressing needs in 3 areas of our community.

Catherine Henry, the Impact100 Education Committee Co-Chair, graciously served as the evening’s moderator for the panel discussion and the question and answer period.

Erin Brown, the deputy Chief of Staff for the City & County of Denver Mayors office, gave an illuminating talk on decreasing the numbers of disconnected youth and children in our metro area. Ms. Brown’s broad base of experience as a public servant and her determination to bring “imaginative ways to educate earnest learners” are the keys to finding viable solutions to decrease the numbers of disconnected youth. Her combination of positive attitude and tenacity brings strength for the the young people of Denver.

Women and girls were the topic for Letty Bass, the executive director of Merle Chambers Fund. The focus of this private foundation is finding creative ways to strengthen women and girls with the power that comes from education, equity and economic security. One of the  driving messages from Ms. Bass is to give mothers an improved outlook for their children with family based programs. “Girls that can complete high school and have a positive job experience will delay child bearing therefore having a better economic outlook” said Ms. Bass.

The last speaker on the evening’s panel was Terrell Curtis, Community Housing Advocate. She brought the issues of homelessness and mental health to the stage with distressing numbers and facts. In Denver there are an estimated 5,300 homeless. Thirty percent of these people are chronically homeless and have a disability while 25% suffer from mental health issues. There is an urgent need for access to services for these individuals and families according to Ms. Curtis. Perseverance and compassion are the driving forces in caring for the disenfranchised.

The evening concluded with a determination to bring awareness and positive solutions. Impact100/Metro Denver will continue to bring these issues to the forefront creating a stronger community for all of the metro Denver area.

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