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Thank you for being a part of Denver's most impactful collective! Because we are a nonprofit run by volunteers, and because we donate ALL of our annual grant contributions, we have two fees, and, because we are operating on a nonprofit platform, we have a two-step process. Also because we are a nonprofit, please add the 3% processing fee to your totals. Here's how it works:

1. Pay your annual membership fee. This fee covers operations and administrative items like this website. To operate, we do need some funds, so that's what this fee covers. Renewing members can pay their $75 fee in the renewal section (plus 3% processing fee). New members pay $150 in the Join Us section, also adding the 3% processing fee.

2. Pay your annual grant pool contribution. This is your $1000 commitment. It can be paid in increments, as long as we get all $1000 (and the admin fee) by December 31. To pay this portion, visit the Submit Your Grant Contribution or Donate page. Be sure to add the 3% processing fee to your total. 

3. To donate more than the grant pool contribution - first, we thank you kindly. Second, on the same Submit Your Grant Contribution or Donate page, enter your donation in the field marked "other" just below the 2020 option. 

We look forward to seeing you at our next event! 

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