By bringing together 100 women who each make a donation of $1,000, we are able to impact transformational change in our community.

Impact100 Metro Denver is about the power of collective decision-making and collective grant-making.  As a grant-making organization, Impact100 Metro Denver brings together women in our community to do something truly remarkable: give a gift of $100,000 to a nonprofit organization in our local area that has a big idea and great potential, but may have little access to large-scale funds.  By bringing together 100 or more women who each make an annual donation of $1,000, we are able to make a much greater impact on the future of our community vs. individual giving.

Our Mission:   Our mission is to increase participation among women in local philanthropy, raise awareness of the unmet needs of nonprofits in Metro Denver, inspire members to become more involved with local charities, and make a substantial and lasting impact on the long-term sustainability of our nonprofit community.

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Privacy Statement: Impact100 Metro Denver is committed to protecting your privacy.  We will not use your private information in any way without your express, clear permission.

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