By bringing together 100 women who each make a donation of $1,000, we are able to impact transformational change in our community.

Impact100 Metro Denver is about the power of collective decision-making and collective grant-making.  As a grant-making organization, Impact100 Metro Denver brings together women in our community to do something truly remarkable: give a gift of $100,000 to a nonprofit organization in our local area that has a big idea and great potential, but may have little access to large-scale funds.  By bringing together 100 or more women who each make an annual donation of $1,000, we are able to make a much greater impact on the future of our community vs. individual giving.

Our Mission:   To inspire and empower a community fo women to be intentional and informed philanthropists collectively funding transformational grants to Metro Denver nonprofits. 

Our Vision: Metro Denver will have a diverse and significant community of intentional and informed women philanthropists whose contributions will have legacy impact. 

Our Values: We are...

Accountable and transparent
Innovative, forward-thinking and ever curious
Respectful and inclusive
Critical thinkers

Join us!

Privacy Statement: Impact100 Metro Denver is committed to protecting your privacy.  We will not use your private information in any way without your express, clear permission.

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